“Intergovernmental Road Council endorses ICTD training programs and emphasizes importance of human resources development”

“After successful participation and presentation at the Council Meeting Meeting in Bratislava last June (https://ictd2030.org/index.php/2019/06/24/639/) our relationships with Intergovernmental Road Council (CMCD) went a long way. After the Council’s recommendation to its official and business members to consider implementation of ICTD educational programs a number of governments have already approached us with specific proposals which are currently being carefully considered.

Last week another meeting took place in Moscow between ICTD Executive Director Dr Igor Runov and Ms Goar Mirzayants, Deputy Head of CMCD Secretariat (http://cmcd.ru/), with a special focus on joint participation in the upcoming UN events in New York later this year and organizing educational – training programs for official and business executives from the CIS and Eurasia in the US.”